Continuing Medical Education – Continuing Professional Development Unit Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia (CME-CPD FMUI) is a unit of FMUI which provide continuing education for physicians to maintain and develop knowledge, skills and behaviors in order to respond to patients’ needs and safety and to improve community health. CME Unit of FMUI was founded in 1981, with Prof.Dr.dr. A.H. Markum, Sp.A (K) as the first chairman. In 2005, CME Unit was extended to be CME-CPD.

The CME–CPD FMUI today is led by Dr. dr. Iris Rengganis, Sp.PD-KAI - FINASIM . The CME-CPD team has 9 part-time faculty staff and 3 administrative staffs. Together with 33 FMUI Departments, we offer education in almost all branches of medicine.